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FPGA Design Services

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Avnet helps specify, develop and design FPGAs by serving as an extension of the design team. Avnet provides the additional resources and knowledge base during the critical implementation phase, so customers can meet aggressive time-to-market milestones.
FPGA Design Chain
Services include:
Core Integration
Avnet has developed high-level building blocks that can be easily adapted to new designs.
Design Optimization
Avnet can take existing designs and optimize them for FPGAs, improving performance, density, power consumption and reliability.
Technology Migration
Avnet can take designs in older technologies and target them to newer devices, saving money and improving product availability.
Complete System Design
Avnet can do complete system designs, adding the support and interface devices necessary to implement an entire application.
C Code Conversion
Utilizing Celoxica's DK1 Design Suite, Avnet can convert C code to an EDIF netlist or RTL VHDL.

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