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Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

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Unlock new industrial opportunities with application-ready embedded virtualization solution

Industrial system consolidation offers a powerful path forward for customers looking to minimize costs and streamline virtualized, real-time system integration, while conserving valuable factory floor space. The Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series, greatly simplifies this effort by pre-integrating key software and hardware components, thus reducing development time for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Systems based on this integrated solution should enable product manufacturers to:

  • Accelerate the speed to deliver high-performance, virtualized, real-time systems to market;
  • “Pay-as-you-go" licensing fees reduce risk;
  • Simplify overall bill of materials (BOM) by combining multiple subsystems into a single multicore platform;
  • Conserve costly factory floor space with fewer subsystems to house and integrate;
  • Reduce integration costs with fewer devices to install, provision, manage, test, and secure;
  • Improve meantime between failures (MTBF) with fewer devices to fail;
  • Simplify integration tasks.


Reduce cost, complexity, and footprint with the Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series. ​If you are interested in this product or other related products, please contact us.



  • What's Included in the Kit


    The Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Development Kit includes:

    • Embedded computer with a quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor
    • Pre-integrated, pre-loaded software image
    • Single end user license agreement
    • Wind River* Hypervisor
    • Wind River* Linux 5.0
    • Wind River* VxWorks (two instances)
    • Wind River* Workbench development tools


    How it Works

    The kit includes an embedded computer and a USB drive on which users will find the necessary consolidation software and related documentation.

    Step 1: Connect the embedded computer to a PC in the user’s office.

    Step 2: Plug in the provided USB to the PC.

    Step 3: Connect Ethernet and serial cable.

    Step 4: Boot up the development environment.

    Step 5: Begin coding or port applications to the environment.



    Product Brief:  Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation

    White Paper:  Reducing Cost and Complexity with Industrial System Consolidation

  • The Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series delivers these important features:

    >>  Development Kits and Production Kits Available: design your solution on the development kit, go to market with the production kit

    >>  Single End User License Agreement: all included hardware and software covered by a single license

    >>  Development Tools Included: assign I/O, memory, and CPU resources as appropriate using Wind River Workbench

    >>  Flexible Partitioning/Assignment: allocate system resources to needed partitions using any combination of available OSs

    >>  Three Pre-Configured Partitions: two partitions include RTOS Wind River VxWorks, one partition includes Wind River Linux

    >>  Accelerated Solution Delivery: pre-integration of the software saves months off the development cycle for embedded virtualization solutions

  • Consolidated systems provide many benefits in an industrial environment, including:

    >>  Lower Overall Solution Cost: save on total BOM costs, integration and management/support effort, and energy consumption

    >>  Smaller Device Footprint: one system likely occupies less floor space than the individual systems it replaces

    >>  Simpler to Secure: fewer subsystems shrink the attack surface of the plant, potentially reducing the variety of security solutions required

    >>  Higher Reliability: fewer points of failure translates to better mean time between failures (MTBF)