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Dell OEM Partnership Benefits

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For more than 15 years, the Dell OEM Solutions team has worked with companies like yours to provide customizable hardware and services, allowing you to focus on the IP of your product to create innovative next generation offerings. Pairing Dell's dedicated OEM capabilities with Avnet's integration and support services creates an individualized OEM customer experience. We know having the flexibility to select the products and services that are right for you gives you the ability to go to market faster.

To learn more about how Dell OEM & Avnet can work with you to build your next product, please contact us.



  • Benefits of working with Dell OEM:

    • No Dell OEM contract to complete: Get to work faster with Avnet. Once you’ve decided Dell is your platform of choice, you can start developing your first articles right away!
    • Tap Into 250+ Dedicated Dell OEM Resources: Not only do you have a dedicated team at Avnet, but you have access to an entire organization at Dell of dedicated engineers, sales and support OEM specialists who work side-by-side with Avnet to ensure your unique needs are met.
    • Dell OEM Ready products: Having access to OEM versions of “big Dell” products gives you the reliability of an industry standard off-the-shelf product with the flexibility to customize and rebrand as your own. With Dell OEM Ready products, you can easily rebrand everything from the bezel to the splash screen while keeping hardware certifications intact.
    • Dell OEM Ready products with Intel Embedded CPUs: The Dell OEM XL Program gives you the stability, longevity, support and visibility you need to have better platform control similar to a white box solution. These OEM Ready based products are built with Intel embedded CPUs which provides a 12 month transition period to next generation Dell products.
    • Access to Dell’s entire product portfolio:  If Dell’s OEM Ready or XL product portfolio doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for choose from Dell’s full breadth of products from business class to enterprise.
    • Flexible OEM specific services:  Reduce complexity, lower costs and become more efficient. Dell has a wide range of services you can select based on your product and/or end-user’s needs.
    • Access to Avnet’s “World Class Integration”:  Avnet takes charge of ensuring your customer or third-party hardware and software are tested and proven with your enterprise platform, creating custom build instructions and system images for future revalidation and revisions.
  • Dell OEM Products:

    Dell's quality hardware and components are built in conjunction with leading chip and operating system providers and are available as OEM Ready (un-branded), extended life (XL program) or off-the-shelf products. This flexibility ensures optimal performance of your solution and enhances your brand. In addition, Avnet has the ability to integrate and distribute any Dell product, globally, to deliver a complete solution.

    Dell Servers & Blades:

    Dell Storage:


    Dell Desktops, Laptops & Workstations:


    Dell OEM Services:


    Learn more about Dell's products and services - view video

  • Dell OEM XL Program
    Love the flexibility of a white box solution, but hate the time it takes to manage and source all of the components? The Dell OEM XL Program provides product managers with the stability, longevity, support and visibility they need to have better platform control for their products. Product managers can also count on a 12 month transition period to next generation Dell products providing ample time to test and transition their product to a new and improved platform.
    As a member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, Dell OEM is able to offer select OEM Ready servers and workstations built with Intel® Embedded CPUs. This allows Dell to extend product road maps and lock down, manage and monitor certain components. Greater platform stability is provided through consistent and predictable CPUs, graphics cards, motherboards, controllers, firmware, BIOS, and hard drive capacities to name a few. OEMs can also choose if they want to take most BIOS and firmware updates based on their needs.
    Contact the Avnet Dell OEM team to learn more about this program and available products! 
  • Dell OEM Branding Program
    Now available through Avnet, the Dell OEM Branding portfolio gives OEMs the option to brand the Dell server powering their solution to look as if it was designed and built by them. Dell has a variety of branding options to suit your needs:
    OEM Ready - Leverage Dell's regulatory and compliance certifications on PowerEdge servers without the Dell logos, labels or other visible branding. The OEM Ready branding option gives OEMs the flexibility to brand everything themselves, or have Avnet do it for them, on generic bezels, BIOs, packaging and/or splash screens.
    OEM Express - This simplified bezel branding option allows OEMs to choose from 5 painted bezel colors and 3 badge shapes. Dell or Avnet can create a custom logo for these 1U and 2U bezel options.
    OEM Plus - OEMs who need a higher level of customization should choose this branding option. Bezel options include custom painted colors, custom image, and custom printing on up to 2 badges. Additional rebranding areas are available.
    OEM Custom - This is the highest level of customization with branding options ranging from custom bezel mechanical design to custom colors and full bezel graphics.
    Contact the Avnet Dell OEM team to learn more about these capabilities!