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Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Development Kit with High-Speed Analog

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Wireless, aerospace and defense, instrumentation and medical imaging applications continue to demand faster sampling of wideband analog signals from the outside world, while high-level design flows continually evolve towards intuitive FPGA-based digital signal processing. The Xilinx Kintex®-7 FPGA DSP Kit with High-Speed Analog integrates development tools, methodologies, IP and support to accelerate development for experienced users and simplify the adoption of FPGAs for new users. Building upon a robust high-speed data acquisition infrastructure, designers can focus on their application at the start of the design process.

With the introduction of the Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Kit with High-Speed Analog, Avnet Electronics Marketing augments its porfolio of domain-specific targeted design platforms. The kit includes the Xilinx KC705 board and 4DSP FMC150 high-speed data converter FMC module, introducing users to efficient tool flows and design techniques for high-speed data acquisition and DSP-centric designs with the Kintex-7 FPGA family. Example designs show the implementation of a WCDMA digital up converter / digital down converter with analog to digital loopback. For algorithm developers, a familiar DSP design flow is provided based on Simulink® and MATLAB® from MathWorks that supports real time data acquisition and the creation of FPGA hardware without the need to learn RTL. Traditional RTL design methodologies are also supported through a design implementation that uses ISE® Design Suite and LogicCore DSP IP.

For more information on the MathWorks Software Package for the Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Kit with High-Speed Analog, click here.

Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Development Kit with High-Speed Analog by Avnet

  • Xilinx KC705 Development Board
    • FPGA: XC7K325T-2FFG900C
    • Configuration
      • Onboard configuration circuitry (USB JTAG via Digilent module)
      • 128 MB Parallel (BPI) Flash
      • 256 MB Quad-SPI Flash
    • Communications and Networking
      • 10/100/1000 Tri-Speed Ethernet (GMII, RGMII, SGMII, MII)
      • SFP+ transceiver connector
      • GTX port (TX, RX) with four SMA connectors
      • USB to UART Bridge
      • PCI Express x8 Edge Connector (card supports up to x8 Gen1 with Kintex-7 325T-1 speed grade, x8 Gen2 with -2 speed grade)
    • Memory
      • DDR3 SO-DIMM (2 GB) 
      • BPI Linear Flash (128 MB) (Also available for configuration)
      • SDIO Interface
      • IIC EEPROM (1 Kb)
    • Clocking
      • 200 MHz oscillator (differential) 
      • User-programmable oscillator 10 MHz – 810 MHz (differential)
      • SMA Connectors for external clock
      • GTX Reference Clock port with 2 SMA connectors
      • Jitter-attenuated clock
    • Input/Output and Expansion Ports
      • 16x2 LCD character display
      • HDMI Output 
      • System monitor / Analog Front End (XADC)
      • User Push buttons (5), DIP switches (8), LEDs (8)
      • Two FMC expansion ports:
              High Pin Count (HPC): Four GTX transceivers, 58 differential SelectIO user pairs 
              Low Pin Count (LPC): One GTX transceiver, 34 differential SelectIO user pairs
    • Power
      • 12 V wall adapter or ATX
      • Voltage and current measurement capability of 3.3, 2.5, 1.5, 1.2 and 1.0 V supplies
    4DSP FMC150 High-Speed ADC/DAC FMC Module
    • Texas Instruments ADS62P49 dual 14-bit, 250 MSPS Analog to Digital converter (ADC)
    • Texas Instruments DAC3283 dual 16-bit, 800 MSPS, 2x/4x interpolation Digital to Analog converter (DAC)
    • Texas Instruments CDCE72010 clock synchronizer / jitter cleaner
    • External clock input option 
    • 50 Ohm, transformer-coupled
    • External trigger input
    • Xilinx KC705 Kintex-7 7K325T board 
    • 12 V power supply
    • USB programming cable, Ethernet cable
    • 4DSP FMC150 High-Speed ADC/DAC FMC Module
    • 2 MMCX RF coax cables
    • Vivado®​ Design Suite: Design Edition
    • Reference design tutorials
    • Kit documentation
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  • The MathWorks Software Package enables automatic HDL code generation for Xilinx FPGAs directly from Simulink, accelerating the design process from system-level model to hardware implementation. It includes reference designs  to help users quickly get started designing and implementing signal processing algorithms. The integration of MathWorks software with Xilinx ISE® Design Suite and Xilinx DSP Kits allows engineers to focus on their algorithms and system design by providing a tightly-coupled set of hardware and software tools.
    Learn more about MathWorks and their products at www.mathworks.com/xilinx
    Learn more about MathWorks Design Packages for Avnet
    MathWorks Software Package 
    • MATLAB® - A programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation
    • Simulink® - An environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems
    • HDL Coder™ - Automatically generates synthesizable Verilog® and VHDL® code from MATLAB functions and Simulink models, and provides an automation interface to program Xilinx FPGAs
    • MATLAB Coder™ - Generates standalone C and C++ code from MATLAB code
    • Signal Processing Toolbox™ - Provides industry-standard algorithms for analog and digital signal processing (DSP)
    • DSP System Toolbox™ - Provides algorithms and tools for the design and simulation of signal processing systems in MATLAB and Simulink
    • Fixed-Point Designer™ - Provides data types and tools for developing fixed-point algorithms in MATLAB® code, Simulink® models, and Stateflow® chart

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Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Development Kit with High-Speed Analog

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