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Rohm Power Module

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The Avnet Power Module designed by Rohm Semiconductor features both a dual output synchronous controller as well as single channel synchronous buck controllers.  These devices, the BD95602 and BD95601, both utilize Rohm’s latest constant on-time controller technology, H3Reg™.  This control methodology achieves fast load response by controlling the output voltage using a comparator without relying on switching frequency.
The BD95602 features two synchronous buck controller outputs as well as both 5V and 3.3V fixed output LDOs.  These LDOs are used to power the internal circuitry of the BD95601 single output controllers used on the Avnet Power Module.  The use of external MOSFETs allows for higher power conversion efficiency and SLLM (Simple Light Load Mode) technology improves efficiency during light load conditions.
Rohm Power Module by Avnet

    • 12 V input
    • Eight regulated outputs
      • 3.3 V @ 8 A output, 5% tolerance (BD95602)
      • 2.5 V @ 8 A output, 5% tolerance (BD95602)
      • 2.0 V @ 2 A output, 3% tolerance (BD95601)
      • 1.8 V @ 6 A output, 5% tolerance (BD95601)
      • 1.5 V/1.35 V @ 4 A jumper selectable output, 5% tolerance (BD95601)
      • 1.2 V @ 4 A output, 2.5% tolerance (BD95601)
      • 1.0 V @ 6 A output, 3% tolerance (BD95601)
      • Second 1.0 V @ 6 A output, 3% tolerance (BD95601)
    • Remote sense for greater regulation accuracy at the load on all outputs
    • Start up sequencing per Xilinx 7 Series recommendations
      • Vccint -> Vccaux -> Vccaux_io -> Vcco

  • Block Diagram of Rohm Power Module by Avnet

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AES-POM-RHM1-G Check Price & Avail

Rohm Power Module

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