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Nano-ITX Spartan-6 FPGA Development Kit

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The Nano-ITX/Spartan-6 FPGA kit connects an Intel® Atom™ E640 based motherboard with a Spartan-6 LX75T based daughter card. The combined small-form-factor system enables custom peripheral and co-processing development for medical, industrial, military, and many other applications. The Emerson Nano-ITX motherboard provides a complete Atom™ E640 embedded system, with all the necessary standard PC peripherals. The Spartan-6 LX75T FPGA daughter card connects to the motherboard through a x1 PCIe® flex cable and shares a similar 120 mm x 120 mm physical outline. Custom user expansion implemented in the FPGA is enhanced with a standard LPC FMC expansion header. Together the two boards offer a complete programmable embedded Atom system.

Nano-ITX Spartan-6 FPGA Development Kit by Avnet

    • Nano-ITX Motherboard
      - 1 GHz Intel® Atom™ E640 processor
      - 1 GB DDR2 memory
      - Standard PC peripherals
      - Small 120 mm x 120 mm format
    • LX75T PCIe board
      - Spartan-6 FPGA XC6SLX75T-3FGG676C
      - Dual banks of 128 MB DDR3 SDRAM
      - PCIe x1 edge connector
      - 10/100 Ethernet PHY
      - LPC FMC expansion header
      - 20 x 2, 0.1-inch user I/O header (MXP)
      - Two 2 x 6 PMOD expansion ports
      - 128 Mb Multi-I/O SPI Flash
      - 32 MB parallel Flash memory
      - USB-to-UART port
      - Four LEDs
      - 4-bit DIP switch
      - Four push-button switches
    • In-depth step-by-step tutorials
      - Developing a Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7 based system with a custom FPGA peripheral
    • Emerson NITX-315 Atom™ E640 motherboard
    • Avnet LX75T PCIe® daughter board
    • Device locked license of ISE® Design Suite: Logic Edition
    • 12 V power supply
    • PCIe Flex cable
    • 8 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
    • Xilinx Platform Cable USB-II
    • Printed documentation and Getting Started Demo
    • Downloadable documentation and reference designs

    Kit Option:
    • Spartan-6 LX75T Add-on Kit for Intel Starter Kit
    • Includes all items except the Emerson NITX-315 motherboard
    • Part Number: AES-S6NITX-LX75T-AOK-G


    Get Behind the Wheel of the Nano-ITX/Spartan®-6 FPGA Development Kit and take a quick video tour to see the board in action. Start the video tour!




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AES-S6NITX-LX75T-G Check Price & Avail

Nano-ITX/Spartan-6 FPGA Kit

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