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Mini-Module Plus Development System

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The Mini-Module Plus Development System (MMP) is a modular system providing the ultimate flexibility for FPGA/SoC evaluation and prototyping. The system is comprised of a modular MMP baseboard that supports a MMP FPGA/SoC module, a MMP power supply module, and a Low-Pin-Count (LPC) FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC). Each MMP component is sold separately, allowing designers to configure their Mini-Module Plus System to meet their prototyping needs. It also provides a path for easy upgrading or migration through the replacement of the MMP FPGA or SoC module, while keeping the same MMP baseboard and MMP power module.

The modular concept of MMP allows designers to prototype with the  MMP system and then easily move the MMP FPGA/SoC module or MMP power module to their own custom baseboard. In using the off-the-shelf MMP FPGA/SoC or MMP power modules, designers reduce risk through the use of a fully tested module and speed their development efforts.

Mini-Module Plus Development System Block Digram by Avnet 

For additional details on the Mini-Module Plus System or to access the supporting downloadable documentation and reference designs, view the various MMP component pages:

MMP Baseboard
MMP Power Modules
Zynq AP SoC Mini-Module Plus on BaseBoard II by Avnet

  • MMP Advantages

    • Flexible and modular
    • Upgradeable
    • FPGA/SoC and Power modules support off-the-shelf production
    • Cost effective
  • Components Needed for a Complete Kit
    • MMP Baseboard II
    • Choice of MMP FPGA/SoC Module
    • Choice of MMP Power Module
    • Optional FMC Module
    • Target Applications
      • PCI Express
      • General-purpose prototyping
      • Networking and communications
      • Storage and servers
      • ARM®/MicroBlaze
      • Ethernet/Internet
      • Embedded controllers

    Part Number

    Price and Availability

    AES-MMP-BB2-G Check Price & Avail

    Mini-Module Plus Baseboard II

    AES-MMP-7K325T-G Check Price & Avail

    Kintex-7 Mini Module Plus w/ K325T FPGA

    AES-MMP-7K410T-G Check Price & Avail

    Kintex-7 Mini Module Plus w/ K410T FPGA

    AES-MMP-7Z045-G Check Price & Avail

    Zynq Mini Module Plus

    AES-POM-TIS1-G Check Price & Avail

    Texas Instruments Power Module

    AES-POM-TISN-G Check Price & Avail

    Texas Instruments Simple Switcher Power Module

    AES-POM-MXM1-G Check Price & Avail

    Maxim Power Module

    AES-POM-ANA1-G Check Price & Avail

    Analog Devices Power Module

    AES-POM-LTM1-G Check Price & Avail

    GE Critical Power Module

    AES-POM-SGS1-G Check Price & Avail

    ST Power Module

    AES-POM-PAN1-G Check Price & Avail

    Panasonic Power Module

    AES-POM-RHM1-G Check Price & Avail

    Rohm Power Module

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    AES-SLP-12V5A-G Check Price & Avail

    Xilinx Universal 12 V DC Power Supply