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Avnet Wi-Go System

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The Wi-Go system is a complete wireless data acquisition based on the Freescale Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis KL25Z MCUs. The Wi-Go system adds Wi-Fi capability to the Freedom platform and its 800mA/h battery can provide days of power to facilitate portable data acquisition from the on board sensor system, while the on-board serial flash memory facilitates data storage and provides additional storage for complex web pages. The Wi-Go system is a two board set that includes a modified Freescale Freedom Development Platform mated to an Avnet Wi-Go module so no other components are needed to get started developing your own application for the Internet of Things. 
Avnet Wi-Go Module by Avnet

    • Accelerometer for 3D acceleration monitoring (MMA8451Q)
    • Magnetometer for compass direction monitoring (MAG3110)
    • Altimeter based elevation monitoring (MPL3115A2)
    • Air Pressure monitoring (MPL3115A2)
    • Temperature monitoring (MPL3115A2)
    • Ambient Light Level monitoring, buffered (TEMT6200)
    • 2 MBytes of low-power serial flash memory (S25FL216K)
    • Wi-Fi Communications module (LBWA1ZZVK7)
    • Battery operation, monitoring and smart charging (800mAh Lithium Polymer battery) (MAX8856TDFN14)
    • Buck-Boost regulator for extended use of battery (MAX8625A)
    • LED ouputs (1x TriColor LED, plus 3x discrete User LEDs)
    • Vishay’s TEMT6200FX01 analog output ambient light sensor
    • Avnet Wi-Go module
    • Kinetis-L Series KL25 Freedom platform (modified)
    • Getting Started QuickStart Card
    • Getting Started Guide (online)
    • USB cable (USB A plug to Mini-USB B)

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AES-KL-WIGO2-KIT-G Check Price & Avail


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