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Implementing Haptics: Defining, Driving the Actuator are Major Challenges

For the system designer, adding haptics capability and tactile feedback to a system is both easy and difficult. In general, the sensor has little or moderate impact on the BOM, space, and cost, while the software has no BOM and minimal cost implications.

  • SDN: Through the eyes of the industry

    Published By: Community.Freescale.com
    In conversations with customers and others in the industry, we’ve found that SDN is still viewed very differently across different types of companies. It has become a small war between data center and networking hardware companies, with UTM companies caught somewhere in between. Read More...​

    Flipping the switch: Making the transition to SDN

    Published By: Community.Freescale.com
    In today’s world, where everyone has a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop and maybe a few other smart devices, it’s necessary to be flexible to support the networking needs of your constituents and avoid a slow, overloaded network. When the ebb and flow of the day occurs, where people congregate in different but predictable areas throughout the day, how does the network respond to the variation in traffic over time? Read More...

    A question of efficiency: C-RAN and SDN

    Published By: Community.Freescale.com
    ​As an acronym, C-RAN has less name recognition than its more popular cousins, SDN and NFV, though if you are in the wireless business it is equally important as we look at the future of the wireless network and its continued evolution over the next five to ten years. However, C-RAN has not been widely implemented to date due to challenges resulting from the lack of efficiency in using general hardware to do specialized hardware’s job. Read More...

    Fog to the Cloud: An atmosphere for the IOT

    Published By: Community.Freescale.com
    Five years ago, the network edge was well-defined and fairly narrow, and the types of devices connected to it consisted primarily of personal computers, either laptop PCs or desktops, as well as terminal platforms. Now the network edge has become much deeper and varied, with the addition of a broad and rapidly expanding assortment of new connectivity-enabled “things,” commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Read More...

    Bend it with base stations: Small cells move Brazil forward ahead of the World Cup

    Published By: Community.Freescale.com
    ​Brazil has undertaken a massive effort to expand and upgrade the country’s wireless infrastructure, including an expanded roll out of 4G networks to both urban and rural areas. This will help the country not only support the influx of visitors during these events, but will also improve Brazilians’ access to information and ability to communicate quickly and easily with each other and the world. Read More...

    No-wait data centers

    Published By: ecnmag.com
    ​Big websites usually maintain their own "data centers," banks of tens or even hundreds of thousands of servers, all passing data back and forth to field users' requests. Like any big, decentralized network, data centers are prone to congestion: Packets of data arriving at the same router at the same time are put in a queue, and if the queues get too long, packets can be delayed. Read More...

    Converging trends for cloud and HPC – Taking the next step

    Published By: ECNmag.com
    ​We are living in an exciting time of change. The era of cloud computing has come upon us over the last few years bringing profound changes in the way we conduct our day to day lives. We are seeing a lot of changes in the way traditional high performance computing (HPC) applications are developed and deployed. Read More...

    Why HP, Dell, EMC, and Oracle Are Transforming Channels

    Published By: EBN.com
    HP, Dell, EMC, and Oracle all dropped channel transformation bombs within the last year, announcing huge overhauls of their channel strategies that are expected to boost overall revenue. Read More...

    San Diego Taps Big Data to Optimize Transit

    Published By: UBMfuturecities.com
    Data variety, data complexity, and sheer data volume have all come together in a data-driven transit optimization project underway in San Diego. Read More...

    Cloud Must Search & Integrate App

    Published By: InformationWeek.com
    Cloud services may be essential to modern computing, but the concept is hampered by a problematic name that means little to most people. Cloud service providers want you to believe that the cloud gives you total freedom, and some of those promises are undoubtedly true, but you remain limited by the capabilities and policies of your cloud provider of choice. Read More...

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